We Cook What Your Mind Is Craving

There is no better way to unwind your day than having the first bite of the best food in Delhi. Even when you want to wrap up your day, once again it is the taste of nicely cooked food that seals the deal for us. The Delhites surely know what their appetite is and it requires something like the chole bhature from Sitaram Diwanchand to douse their hunger flames or even ignite the same for that matter! Chole bhature is like poster boy of the famous street food in Delhi which the foodie drool over.

And for good reason too. The chole bhature can be satisfying in every sense as it is a fulfilling dish. The moment you take a bite you know you are in for a complete taste carnival thanks to the chole that tastes zesty, smooth, and very easy going with the bhature. The greatest pleasure is perhaps to see the bhatures getting doled out after they are fried. The fried bread is buttery smooth to eat and very soft to devour. We are certain that this is more than an inviting dish that you are always going to fall for.

As one of the proponents of best street food in Delhi, Sitaram Diwanchand has been right up there to make chole bhature a dish that gets the accolades as what they call a “standard dish”. The major factors which make our chole bhature a runaway hit is the fact that the taste and hygiene sail on the same boat. We never compromise in neither of them since they form the very foundation of a food which is eatable and enjoyable over and over again. If food is your guilt pleasure, our chole bhature is the elixir of the same.

Times have changed and so have the heir of the Sitaram Diwanchand ji’s business of chole bhature which started a challenging journey long back. What has not changed is the passion and the zeal to move in this wonderful exploration of food and mindsets of people who like to indulge in food like there is no tomorrow. The same reason which makes our job easier as we prepare what you crave; a dish worthy of your time, money and continuous loyalty for our chole bhature which you can now enjoy sipping a chilled glass of lassi on a sultry day.

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