What Makes Chole Bhature such a Delightful Dish?

Chole bhature, the mouthwatering dish that combines spicy chickpeas and deep fried flat breads is too irresistible to say the least. Be it the golden brown color of the bhature or the selection of spices that makes the bland chickpeas an awesome thing to have, chole bhature always leaves you asking for more. As a matter of fact, it has consistently ranked as one of the most famous dishes in India even though it is the northern part of the country where it has an undisputable dominance.

Imagine the monsoon season when there is a downpour and you are in the mood for having something which is most appropriate to the weather and mood. Or even the lazy mornings in the chilling winters of Delhi, a plate of chole bhature that you order online can set the tone for good mood instantly. The delight or the artistry of this dish lies on the fact that the chole is made by the use of finest ground spices that are hard to find in any other cuisine. This adds the whiff of taste which makes a unique selling proposition. Then there’s the amazingly soft bhature which literally melts in your mouth in just a few chews.

Many outlets have been churning out the ever popular dish of chole bhature but there is hardly any outlet which has reached the heights of Sitaram Diwanchand at Paharganj. The outlet has become synonymous with the highest standards of taste and hygiene. Add to that the bhature which has the stuffing of grinded paneer (cottage cheese) which you won’t find in any other restaurants. If you ever chance upon visiting the capital city of Delhi an want to get the most authentic taste of chole bhature then Sitaram Diwanchand restaurant is the only place hands down to enjoy the authentic taste of Old Delhi.

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