When Hunger Knows No Bounds

The last thing that you want to go through is hours of separation from food when you are most hungry. Hunger overwhelms our senses to the point that you are unable to focus on the job at hand. And if you are left with very little food to enjoy after such hunger, the frustration just doubles. Most of the times when you order food online it is the portion which becomes a bummer; they do not seem to satiate the hunger to the full. Add to that the price which you pay is exorbitant to say the least.

But that is definitely not the case with your online lunch order of chole bhature at Sitaram Diwanchand. We know that a foodie can never get enough from the sized portion of food. Rather they need a wholesome food. A plate of chole bhature does exactly the same. Not only does it linger in your taste buds, it also keeps the calm for your stomach! Chole bhature is the basic dish with the most extraordinary flavor of spices and the right balance of heat. It is this harmony of taste that activates your taste buds instantly.

The simplicity of a fluffy bhature and the complex spicy flavor of chole meet to create the perfect fusion which makes this dish the famous street food in Delhi. There is little to no doubt that Sitaram Diwan Chand’s chole bhature is the most loved chole bhature in the national capital. In fact, in the recent years it has been able to catapult itself to national popularity as well. This is as much for the quantity it serves as it is for the price which is most affordable for any foodie to just come and dig in. So whether you are feasting alone or with your group of foodies, enter our joint for delicious chole bhature and make an exit with a tummy full of delight.

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