Why Chole Bhature is Still Leading the Pack of the Best Food in Delhi?

The choice of food and even the demands of the same for that matter can never be put to an end. Add to that, we, the people of India sit on the goldmine of delicious food regardless of the cuisine or the ancestry of the dishes. While some of the best food in Delhi are of foreign origin, many of them are indigenous. The national capital has always been a mood setter due to which it dictates the choices of food which make for our daily consumption. One such food which is ruling hearts is a plate of chole bhature.

Chole bhature has been a crowd favorite for as long as we remember. If we still try to know why it has hold its ground even in the times of Chinese foods making inroads, the reason is simple; it is the most relatable dish in every household. Despite all the bragging about eating overpriced and ornamentally named dishes, it is the chole bhature which champions the cause of putting out hunger with salivating taste. With the facility of online lunch order, the chole bhature of Sitaram Diwanchand is no harder to fetch during the rush hours.

Most of us want the Indian-ness in whatever we eat and chole bhature as a dish is no different. A majority of food dishes in other cuisines can be notoriously spicy but the Indian foods like chole bhature are miles ahead in balancing the spices. This is only possible due to the years of experience that Sitaram Diwanchand carries as Delhi’s finest chole bhature makers. We make the chole or spiced chickpeas that can be eaten by one and well without breaking a sweat or drinking lots of water simultaneously.

The very fact that there is no seasonal food items involved in the preparation of the dish, it becomes to churn them out every single. Regardless of what category you belong to, this dish never fails to entice you because it combines all the three elements of a great dish; visual appeal, alluring aroma and unbeatable taste right from the first bite.

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