Why Lassi Is The Best Accompaniment For A Plate Of Chole Bhature

Praises are sung all over the food world for a plate of delicious chole bhature which is arguably the best food in delhi. And this will be agreed by most us without an afterthought because there are few things which offer more satisfaction than seeing a bowl of simmering chole with hot inflated bhature. But is that enough to enjoy your food in summers? Definitely not to a foodie who is looking for a wholesome experience of the famous street food in delhi. The spicy chole can be too much for some food lovers and hence they need some cool fluid like a glass of lasssi to put out the fiery tasting chole served hot.

For long, a glass of lassi acts as a coolant and nectar of sorts in the sweltering summers of India. This makes lassi one of the best combinations to have with a plate of chole bhature. Made with the goodness of sweetened curd which is diluted with chilled water, lassi gives you an instant sense of coolness to your entire body and keeps your stomach cool and full for quite some time. Lassi can also aid digestion after a heavy meal.

Hence, Sitaram Diwanchand has now added the humble looking yet amazingly fresh tasting lassi in their menu to save your time and savor your tastes. No more would you need to run places on a hot day to fetch a glass of lassi after you have order food online delhi delivered at your doorstep. So it is now time to take big bites of fluffy bhature wrapped in chole which is followed up by a few sips of lassi. Summer is here to challenge you with a test on heat. Make your sure beat them with a tasty treat!

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