Why Step Out When Tasty Chole Bhature Can Step In Easily

One of the most pertinent questions across the businesses and the commoners alike was in regards to the easing of the lockdown restrictions; and rightly so! Moreover, the foodies who were sick and tired of negotiating with their own cooked food were desperately waiting to get a taste of their favourite street food in Delhi. And we do know that chole bhature is one street food that can never be written off. So we are all set to have a blast, aren’t we? But hang on! Do you really need to get out of your house to fetch a plate of delicious chole bhature? Perhaps not!

Because we have our food delivery boys as our brave lieutenants who are going to deliver your online lunch order with belligerence against the extraordinary pandemic by maintaining utmost safety. That is right. With good food, hygiene and safety is the new normal for each one of us. And Sitaram Diwanchand’s chole bhature outlet is leaving no stone unturned to make sure that you are totally assured of food safety in every order you place and in every bite you gorge on.

For starters, our day begins with intensive cleaning and sanitizing of the cooking area followed by the routine check ups of all our employees on a daily basis. Next, we start the process of preparing the food in extremely safe corners whilst maintaining the taste legacy of our spicy chole and fluffy bhature. Even before the COVID19 situation, Sitaram Diwanchand’s chole bhature were seal packed leaving no room for bacteria or virus intrusion. Neverthless, we have galvanized the process even more. Hence, you get your order delivered by our delivery agents who are screened each and every time they are going to be step out for their job. So we see no reason as to why you cannot simply download our app on your smartphone and start ordering the safe and smart way! And just in case you are a bit jittery, add a glass of polar cool lassi on cart to calm down your nerves!

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