Winter Hangouts With The Food Of Your Choice

There are few things which fill you heart with joy more than having the company of your most loved ones. Add to that the food which acts as the apt companion with its presence. When we talk of food, it had better be tasty and as close to homely taste as possible, right? We have always associated chole bhature as one of the best food for serving people who walk to our place to catch up and have a lighthearted chat. But the question is whether you are ready to sacrifice the full blown chats filled with nostalgia and fun at the cost of going to the kitchen to dole out chole bhature. Perhaps the answer is in negative. Hence, you ought to reach out to the best in business and receive your online lunch order of Sitaram Diwanchand.

Contrary to the popular belief that a plate of chole bhature does not taste as good as it does when served right away, Sitaram Diwanchand’s chole bhature makes an exception. Our bhature are prepped taking utmost care of the fact that the bhature is fluffy with no hardened edges even after it gets delivered some time after the prep duration. This ensures you get the same old taste of Delhi in your cherished spicy food online.

The biggest delight has to be a bowl full of spiced chickpeas or chole which has many admirers crave more. Hence, we make sure that the portion is just right for even those foodies who never seem to get enough of a well cooked, and perfectly balanced chickpeas with a little bit of lemon tang to make them go bonkers about the taste. Sitaram Diwanchand is not a mere shop selling chole bhature which has earned immense liking and fame in Delhi, it has now become an emotion which also defines what a Delhite would prefer to have without guilt or a sense of apathy.

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