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Competition in the food distribution space was heating up before the global health epidemic turned the vast majority of restaurants into digitally available overnight dining options.

The Corona virus outbreak has adversely affected many industries globally. However, besides all the negativities, there was no change in the functioning of some sectors, on the contrary, 2020 has become an important springboard for many of these sectors.

One of the sectors that gained profit during the epidemic was order food online in Delhi.

Consumers are looking for new dining experiences when and where they want, It allows them to control spending at all times and know what they are going to pay, control the time because they know the exact time of delivery and can optimize work or leisure time, and it allows them to share new experiences with endless dining options with family or a group in your own home.

In times of crisis, the numbers only grow: a set lunch for the whole team will cost less than a business lunch in a cafe, and treating yourself and your family with online kitty party food item at home is still cheaper than in a restaurant.

Nowadays, people are used to ordering food and goods home and it is becoming a new and sustainable habit. The market is in an active phase: more and more people are starting to use delivery and hence the emergence of new players.

This is partly due to the fact that quarantine has greatly changed consumer behavior, people tried to order online and were able to appreciate the convenience of the service.

The last year has completely changed the user behavior model. If earlier food delivery was an event service for the consumer- it was used, for example, when some kind of holiday was celebrated – now food and grocery delivery has become an everyday tool for saving time.

Customers will continue to use delivery after the end of the pandemic, as well as recommend convenient services to friends and acquaintances.

Regardless of when the pandemic ends, we do not predict a scenario with a significant decrease in demand for food delivery. Over the past year, a huge number of people have been able to assess the possibilities of online ordering.

The growth rate of the delivery market this year will be lower than during the acute period of the pandemic, but order food online delivery will continue to grow as the service is in demand, regardless of the situation with the coronavirus.

In most cases, the food delivery service is used by office workers, whose schedule does not allow eating outside of the place of work. However, this category of consumers is far from the only one.

Increasingly, with the help of such services, people organize events and hold family evenings. Why spend a lot of useful time and energy on the purchase of food, their preparation, and then also cleaning, if you can just pick up the phone and dial the required number or make an application via the Internet.

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