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If you are looking for the Best Food in Delhi NCR, or even in the whole of northern India, there is nothing better than Chole Bhature. With an international following, Sitaram’s Chole Bhature has been one of the most popular dishes almost everywhere in Delhi. Now, anyone in the city who wants the best food in Delhi NCR may have it from our online store.


The History of Sitaram Diwanchand Restaurant


Before we learn what makes us a place that provides best food in Delhi NCR of decades, let first take a look at how we got here. When chole-bhature is mentioned, a Delhite’s heart leaps for delight. When Sitaram’s choley-bhature is mentioned, his joy knows no boundaries. Sita Ram Channa Bhatura, located in Paharganj, holds a significant place in our affections thanks to their voluminous bhaturas loaded with beautifully mashed cheese and spicy cholas (chickpeas). It has gained its reputation and respect. Here’s a look at their history and what went into creating this legendary establishment.

After India’s partition, my grandfather, Shri Sitaram, and my father, Sh. Diwan Chand started selling Chole Bhature from a simple pushcart at DAV School. They’d go about Paharganj selling Chola-bhatura to local traders and locals. Later, they began selling them near Paharganj’s Imperial Cinema Hall, which became our temporary shop.” Shri Sitaram and Diwan Chand’s ambition of opening a permanent shop in Paharganj, an area that has become known for their famous Chola Bhatura restaurant, has come true.

Pran Nath describes the difficulties they encountered along the way “They opened a restaurant in Paharganj in 1970 and began functioning from there, but it was forced to close owing to India’s declaration of emergency in 1976. They had to relocate their base to some other shop, where they operated for nearly 20 years.” They finally moved to a larger shop in 2009, which is now the center for some of the greatest Chola-bhaturas in town.



So, if you are craving to eat some of the Best Food in Delhi NCR, head on over to our and we promise you it is something more than a service that just satisfies your appetite. An experience!


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