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The Sitaram Diwanchand is a significant feature of the Delhi community. In terms of facilities, we are quite familiar with its capacity to provide exquisite dine-in service, events, bars, and family occasions to its consumers. We work hard not just to give excellence in everything we do, but also to provide a gathering place for individuals who want to make lasting memories and have a world-class experience at the best Chole Bhature restaurant in Delhi.

What makes us great?

  • Freshness

Our food is made and produced daily with the utmost attention to hygiene and local flavor.

  • Traditional Chefs

Want to try some real Indian delicacies in Delhi? Then at the best Chole Bhature restaurant in Delhi, Sitaram Diwanchand, You’ll find delectable home-cooked dishes here. As a result, you may enjoy high-quality food at the most reasonable cost, prepared by native Indian cooks.

  • Superior Value:

Great cuisine equals wonderful taste, and to obtain that great taste, you’ll have to invest a little money to get the best value out of your meal. What if you could have a world-class dine-in experience at a fantastic bistro while also getting great value for your money? We’re confident you won’t be able to pass up such a fantastic opportunity.

  • Flexible Menu:

You’ll find a terrific blend of bargains and happy hours, whether you’re looking for a couple of meals or a group of people. You will be delighted to enjoy the joyful offers at Sitaram Diwanchand, whether you choose a buffet meal or an a la carte menu.

  • Friendly Staff:

How can we forget about our friendly and knowledgeable employees who truly care about you? Our crew is well-versed in the manners and service techniques that you will always remember. We are your hungry partners at Sitaram Diwanchand, so come as guests and leave as a family.

  • Value for Money:

How about getting a good deal at Sitaram Diwanchand? Yes, you read that correctly. All we have to offer you with Indian desi food is authentic Indian dishes, a flurry of beverages, and a pleasant ambiance (rich in authentic ingredients). Allow us to take you on a journey through the vibrant colors and flavors of our Indian delicacies.


Many claim to be the best chole bhature restaurants in Delhi, but none can compare to the original taste and amazing customer service we have provided for the past decade. Try our chole bhature. Purchase and place an order online today.

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