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Cooking brings kids everything they love! You can lend a hand, try it out, it gets dirty and sometimes quite chaotic. But the most important thing is that you get creative and can contribute your own ideas. And in the end they can be proud to have created something of their own. But cooking dishes like famous chole bhature in Delhi brings so much more. It creates a general awareness of food, promotes the correct use of it and teaches you something for life. Here are a few tips for you to enjoy spending time in the kitchen with your kids:

Everything takes longer

There is so much to discover when it comes to cooking and most of the time the preparation for children is even more exciting than the result. This takes a while! Be patient and allow more time than if you were cooking alone.

It’s getting dirty!

It will go wrong (much) more than usual. And that’s ok! Have fun and clean up afterwards together.

Planning is everything

Choose the right recipe. Preferably one with lots of exciting things to do and discover. You should have all the ingredients and tools you need to get started right away.

Hygiene is important

Use the time together in the kitchen to explain topics such as regular hand washing and general cleanliness when cooking (and what the benefits of it).

Explain each step

Involve your children in every step of the cooking process and explain to them what they are doing or you are showing them. Have you read the recipe aloud, try it out and do your own tasks. Give details about individual ingredients, where they come from, how they taste, etc.

To take responsibility

Children are more attentive, more concentrated and more willing to learn when they feel responsibility and trust. Make them feel that they play an important role in the preparation of your dish and let them take on more difficult tasks (with supervision and assistance).

Have fun!

That is the most important point. Enjoy the time in the kitchen, learn together, test things out and enjoy small successes (and laugh at mishaps). In the end, everyone will be proud and you will taste twice as good your food.

In between this, if you want to make your lunch time extra special, we recommend you to make chole bhature online order in Delhi so that your table will look more varied and tasteful.

What are you waiting for? Put on your aprons, take out the pots and have fun cooking!

Moreover, it’s not difficult to turn this experience into a more memorable moment. With a little effort of ordering your child’s favourite dish, such as famous street food in Delhi and veg thali home delivery,you can certainly strengthen and make your relationship with your children even more special.

Make your children feel more responsible and happy by letting them help you in kitchen sometimes, this will not only help them to know how food is cooked and what daily chores you do in your kitchen but also in creating a bond with you.

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