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Thai, Mexican or India, the whole world cooks spicy food. Eating spicy is trendy, healthy, and happy. But what happens in our body when we bite into a spicy food?

In addition to their strong aromatic power, spices have therapeutic properties and help prevent certain diseases and chronic pain. But that’s not all!

They are antioxidants

The ORAC index (Absorption Capacity for Oxygenated Radicals) aims to measure the antioxidant power of foods. Spices have very high ORAC indices, such as cloves or cinnamon. These antioxidant capacities make it possible to fight against oxidation due to free radicals and thus prevent the premature aging of cells.

They give flavour and replace salt

Spices are a pleasant addition to dishes and help reduce salt consumption. A touch of chili, cumin, ginger or a pinch of turmeric is enough to wake up a dish and replace the salt.

Spices can be used in many ways, from starters to vegetable dishes, or even desserts. In addition, they will give beautiful appetizing colours to your dishes!

They have anti-inflammatory properties

Some spices contain inflammatory compounds. This is particularly the case with turmeric and ginger, which reduce inflammatory pain such as osteoarthritis.

They have anticancer virtues

Most spices have anticancer properties. The curcumin in turmeric, for example, helps inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells. By associating it with black pepper or ginger, we increase its powers: they would indeed be multiplied by 1000!

They are alkalizing

Spices are strongly alkalizing. Adding them to your menu (salads, soups, dishes, desserts, etc.) helps restore the acid-base balance and thus avoid chronic acidosis, which is frequently found in the Western diet.

They help to withstand the heat

Eating spicy food is a good way to ensure the body’s thermoregulation through sweating. Indeed, sweat helps dissipate heat. Evaporation of water on the skin helps cool the body by carrying calories with it. Sweating triggered by a spicy dish will refresh the whole body.

The pungent effect is caused by the active compound in the spice (e.g. capsaicin for chili or piperine for pepper). You should visit spicy food online store to get all these benefits.

They relieve motion sickness

To fight against motion sickness (by car or boat), ginger is very effective. Numerous studies have pointed out its ability to prevent or stop nausea and vomiting, especially when ingested as a powder.

They boost the mood!

The peppers contain capsaicin which activates the secretion of endorphins, hormones that cause a feeling of well-being. Other spices such as saffron or vanilla are sources of serotonin, the hormone of joy.

One of the biggest health benefits of spicy meals is the boost they give to the body’s metabolism. A higher metabolism helps the body to burn fat and calories faster, which speeds up the process of losing weight.

Improving your sleep habits is not one of the most commonly mentioned benefits. While not yet well documented, researchers have found a link between spicy eating and healthier, more restful sleep.

People who regularly consume spicy foods seem to have an easier time falling asleep at night, waking up in the morning, and having more energy throughout the day, and this is why, we recommend you to try making spicy food online order.

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