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The summer season comes with multiple health issues like dehydration, heat rashes, sleeplessness and heat stroke. This is the season where most of us prefer to stay indoors and use fans and air conditioners to keep cool.

Aside from fans or air conditioners, do you know that certain foods can keep our bodies cool and maintain energy levels?  If you are concerned about your children’s health, there is a small list of summer foods that you can add to your child’s diet.


Kanji is a Fermented rice gruel that used to be a popular summer breakfast in South and East India.  Usually, it is consumed with side dishes such as curry or pickles and mix with buttermilk and salt. It’s considered to be rich in B6 and B12 that can keep maintaining the body temperature.


Salad is a healthy delight of summer that keep your satiate hunger and rich with fibre, low in calorie and fats. Salad with leafy green vegetables like spinach, cabbage and lettuce can keep your children adequately hydrated during harsh summer. These are easy to digest and comprise high water content.


Curd or yogurt is an excellent summer food because of its cooling property. It’s a staple Indian food, perfect for the digestion system for toddlers. It comprises calcium and protein that are loaded with various key nutrients.

Coconut water

Coconut water comes with taste and nutrients that work as an ultimate thirst quencher for children. Coconut water has an excellent colling property along with full of simple sugars, electrolytes and minerals that aid in keeping the body hydrated during scorching heat.


Besides being the best natural summer drink, lemonade can give you taste and colling effect.  Also, it can help you in treating constipation, indigestion and dental problems. Lemon is the main ingredient of lemonade which is rich in vitamin C that is very good for the skin.


Broccoli is one of the most nutrients vegetables that also rich in water (91%). Despite being healthy and tasty, broccoli also keeps your children hydrated.

In the summer season, our body needs high fibre for better digestion, broccoli is the perfect veggie to fulfil our body fibre need.  So go ahead and give your children some broccoli snacks this summer.

Black plum or Jamun

The tasty berries are known as Jamun and only available during summer. In fact in Ayurveda, Jamun has been described as a fruit with medicinal benefits. It’s considered very propitious for those who are suffering from diabetes. It also helps in improving oral health by controlling bleeding gums.


Summer is a wonderful time that spells out holidays, vacations and fun! But while having a good time together as a family, make sure to keep the right measure to keep your child’s body cool this summer. Keep them hydrate with adequate amounts of water and ensure health that includes these superfoods.

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