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Who can resist the aromas of delicious chole bhature once in a while? Chole bhature is a dish that will make young and old salivat. It can be eaten really anywhere: on the street or in a restaurant, just order a chole bhature packing box and take it anywhere you want.

It is certainly one of the most loved and eaten dishes by Indians; for many, it represents an essential habit, a succulent dish to be enjoyed at least once a week.

With the family, before an evening of board games or a good movie, chole bhature can be enjoyed for pleasure.

In the metro, on the street, or at the neighborhood’s trendy restaurant, chole bhature is a quick and tasty lunch you should enjoy without further delay. It’s simply impossible to resist the call of fresh bhaturas.

Besides, it is easy to find a shop that perfectly meets our expectations, for example, Sitaram Diwanchand is one of the leading New Delhi chole bhature shops to which you can turn for having an amazing dish at a reasonable rate.

In short, whether you are classic or more daring, chole bhature is a versatile dish that pleases young and old. You can enjoy it without further ado with your fingers!

Do you happen to know someone who doesn’t like chole bhature? Most likely not! Usually, everyone likes this dish. But who knows what are the reasons that make it so unique and favorite compared to other dishes that exist in the world. We know this traditional dish well, and perhaps we have found the answers to this question:


Are you in a hurry to work or are you relaxing on the sofa watching your favorite TV series? In both cases, chole bhature is a great choice! One of the reasons why it is one of the favorite foods of people is precisely because there is no occasion on which it cannot be eaten.


Chole bhature is so good that we would like to eat as much of them as possible on our own, but we all know that chole bhature is the quintessential sharing food. In the end, offering a bite of your chole bhature isn’t that bad!

Its round shape and the different combinations of flavors make it the perfect dish to share with friends, family, or colleagues.

This dish is so good and irresistible that it is eaten at least once a week. The best “eating companions”?Colleagues and friends, then family and partner.


Chole bhature makeseveryone happy! So what are you waiting for? A single bhature is enough for you to forget about all the problems of the day.

Can’t you do without chole bhature too? The chefs of Sitaram Diwanchand are waiting for you in their shop and on Sitaram Diwanchand’s website so that you can taste this authentic dish with the comfort of your home.

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