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When it comes to lunch on a picnic, it might be difficult to know how much money to spend, don’t worry; we’ve got a budget-friendly alternative for you that are still high-quality. Regarded as one of the greatest the legendary Paharganj chole bhature of Sitaram Diwanchand is a perfect choice for you.

There are various options for a fantastic lunch, and the provider of the best chole bhature in Delhi NCR; Sitaram Diwanchand is one of them.

It is inexpensive yet quality cuisine of Delhi. That not only appears high-end for a family picture but also satisfies the appetites.  On top of that, if you’re with a large family on a picnic, you have little choice but to eat the cheapest food available on the streets of Delhi.

Why Sitaram is special

Seceret lies how the sita diwan chand perfected the art of chole bhature

Chickpeas containing rustic spices like cumin, coriander, and anardana are combined with delicious tomato sauce chutney. After approximately an hour of fermentation of the material, the excellent texture of a well-cooked bhatura is attained.

Just as it was done over the years of history we carry in every plate we manufacture we carry on that legacy.

Good food for a picnic?

When it comes to picnic food, Indian eating habits are surprisingly receptive to innovation while remaining conservative. Outing lunches have always been intended to be the most important meal of the day, with flavors that are both refreshing and energizing.

Whatever the location is:-

  • A park in the neighbourhood
  • In your own backyard? You can make an outdoor tepee out of sheets/blankets and have a full picnic without ever leaving your yard!)
  • Amusement Park or Zoo?

The combination of tantalizingly spicy chole and gorgeously brown bhature is rarely passed up by a fan of Delhi’s famous street cuisine. The meal melts in your mouth as you bite into the best chole bhature in Delhi NCR. When you add in the protein-rich Chola, you’ve got pure ecstasy. Not to mention the mint chutney, pickles, and hot chili and onion salad flavors.


Sitaram is more than just a restaurant; it’s one of the most intriguing Delhi Renowned Food establishments that will fully delight your palate. And its best in all of Paharganj chole bhature, is a amazing combination of fried flatbreads and sour chickpea curry, perfect for an outing.

So, if you’re in the mood for some great yet affordable food in Delhi, go to Sitaram chole bhature’s order page and select the number of plates you’ll need for your little gathering.

If you’re looking for some other delicious yet inexpensive meals in Delhi, we’re here to help with that too.



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