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How would you like to discover the traditional flavors of Delhi, the capital of India, together? If you are going to visit India or if you already live in this beautiful country and want to know where you can explore the deep-rooted culture dishes, you will find this article very helpful as we are going to give you a quick overview of the Best Food in Delhi NCR  you can count on.

1- Paranthas

Answering the question of what to eat in Delhi, Paranthas is one of the quickest delicacies you can reach when you want something to eat. You can consume these pita-like breads either simple or filled with vegetables like Aloo, Gobi, or Paneer.

2- Butter Chicken

Butter chicken is one of the traditional dishes of India and consists of chicken breast fried in butter with tomato sauce. This taste is very famous and eliminates the worry of Best Food to eat in Old Delhi.

3- Nihari

If you want a meal worthy of a royal table in India, Nihari is for you. It is considered to be delicious and is preferred widely by the people living in Delhi. In this, meat is left to boil slowly with spices and then it is served with vegetables.

4- Biryani

Ask 10 people what’s your favourite dish and we guarantee you that you will definitely hear Biryani by many. Do not pass without tasting this delicacy, which is served with rice using poultry meat.

5- Momos

Momos is one of the flavors you can choose with vegetarian options with meat. These tiny ravioli, which are eaten by dipping in red sauce, are also very popular with their appearance.

6- Chaat

If you want to eat something when you are hungry in Delhi, you can try Chaatfirst. You can find this flavour, which combines chickpeas, chicken and noodles, both in restaurants and on street stalls.

7- Kebab

There are many varieties of Delhi kebabs, you can choose from fish flavoured, chicken, and red meat.

8- Rolls

This dish is quite similar to that of Chinese rolls, which are wrapped together, and offer light and delicious taste of chicken and vegetables. We recommend you to eat it by dipping it in the hot sweet sauce served on the side.

9- Chole Bhature

Chole bhature, which you can choose for the first meal of the day or when you crave a snack, is a different dish in which bread and beans are served in a plate. You should try this dish, which you can make more delicious with onions.

10- Kulfis

Kulfis made with milk will cool you down on hot Indian days. The taste of Kulfis, where you can find many varieties from fruity to hazelnut, will remain in your mouth even after finishing it.

So, these were the top 10 picks of Famous Delhi Food. If you want to try some, then it is best to visit the famous restaurant of Sitaram Diwanchand.

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