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Delhi is undeniably famous for chole bhature. It has been an integral part of the diet of people in India and all around the world since ages. People have been coming to Delhi just to taste the authentic cuisine in the restaurants near Red Fort and Jama Masjid. These restaurants serve Punjabi chole-bhature in exactly the traditional way to be authentic and famous as they serve only purani (old) style of bhature that’s loved by all in Delhi, India & around the world too!

A brief history about Chole Bhature

This fragrant lip-smacking dish originated in the 1940s in the northern Indian states such as Delhi, UP, Punjab, and Haryana. If we talk about the journey of Chole Bhature, then its origin story is related to Old Delhi where it was first introduced as a mouth-watering meal. It is one of the best food trials that worked wonders and became the national dish for many Indians. The demand for this dish has crossed state and international borders that even people from South India have started serving this easy cooked yummy-delicious meal. It is served as a common street food in various famous international restaurants, food trucks and hotels.

Asking Chole Bhature to Tell its Own Story

What this dish may lack in complicated preparation, it more than makes up for in flavors loved by billions worldwide. Although the concept of preparing Chole Bhature at home seems simple, it actually takes a lot of skill to prepare this recipe. It all comes down to how delicious the Chole (Chickpeas) are. Chole Bhature is cooked with Indian spices including coriander powder, curry leaves, garam masala, cumin seeds, ginger, garlic, clove, turmeric, red chili powder, and masala powder.

This Chole Bhature is the perfect dish that combines onion, tomato, and the right spices for an amazing dish. You will love the soft and salted taste of the fried Bhature, accompanied by Chole.

Are you aware that October 2 is Chole Bhature day?

It’s factual, on October 2nd Chole Bhature day is celebrated. This distinctive occasion originated with an enthusiastic foodie from Delhi who started this idea on social media in 2012, seeking to bring together lovers of Chole Bhature and share pictures of them cooking and eating it. In our discussions, we all know how fast this thing got out there. A trend has become viral and everyone is sharing posts and pictures on 2nd October and this day is celebrated as International Chole Bhature Day. I feel this story really speaks about the love for this dish and has its own legacy.


The capital city of India has been famous for chole bhature for centuries.

Delhi is a hub capital of chole bhature with so many places serving this dish at different price points. This celebration added one more reason to cherish this delicacy and make it an integral part of Indian cuisine. Nowadays, we see that people are demanding these dishes outside the country too because they can’t stop craving for it.


The legendary Sitaram Diwanchand provides the magic of the iconic Chole Bhature

The restaurant has been serving this delicious dish for over 50 years and is still going strong. Ordering chole bhature online from Sitaram Diwanchand is easy and convenient. Plus, you can be sure that you’re getting the authentic dish when you order from them. Paharganj Chole Bhature by Sitaram Diwanchand isn’t only a great option for those looking for a quality meal, this signature dish is also famous at large events and parties throughout Delhi and NCR

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