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Whether your love for the famous delicacy dates back to the late 20s or you are just a regular chole bhature fan, it is a given that Sitaram Diwanchand is a name almost every Delhiite is familiar with.

There are very few eateries in this country that have been able to retain their popularity over such a long period. For over six decades now, Sitaram Diwanchand has been serving its customers with the best quality chole bhature in Paharganj and its vicinity since 1970. They are known to the Delhiites as “the best place with the delicious chole bhature“.

The origin of this delectable chole bhature dates back to 1970 when Sitaram Diwanchand opened its first eatery on cycle in Paharganj, Old Delhi.

Sitaram Diwanchand chole bhature is the most popular meal in Delhi & it is a taste that reflects the vibrant street food culture and has become an integral part of our lives today. While nearly every city has its version, Delhi’s special claim over it comes from its extensive history. It is a fact that people all over India love this dish but not many know that it was popularized only after Independence by some of the most famous servers of this traditional cuisine from the bustling food streets of Delhi like Sitaram Diwanchand.

Today Sitaram Diwanchand is still serving the same great-tasting chole bhature that they started over 50 years ago! People from all over India come to eat chole bhature at Sitaram Diwanchand’s restaurant as there are no other eateries like it serving traditional chole bhature!

Over the years, Sitaram Diwanchand expanded its reach through seamless online food ordering. They are now serving more than 2 lakh customers every year. Their chole bhature online ordering is simply the easiest way to order chole bhature online for food delivery or take-away.

That being said; there are reasons why this particular restaurant continues to be renowned as one of the best places to have Chole Bhature in Delhi.

First, the secret behind this achievement is the quality ingredients, traditional cooking techniques, and recipes passed down from generations of chefs at Sitaram Diwanchand that continue to attract foodies all around and make their chole bhature deliciously classic dish for eateries.

Secondly, the quick service and effective online delivery make it extremely easy for people to choose when they would like their next meal delivered from when hunger strikes suddenly during business hours or after hours when everyone else seems closed up tight except Sitaram Diwanchand!

Sitaram Diwanchand has carved a niche of its own and stands out from the multitude of eateries offering chole bhature. The secret lies in the authentic ingredients and spices used in the dish, along with the traditional preparation by experienced chefs. Also, they are supplied to different parts of Delhi-NCR through an effective chole bhature packing-box online delivery. People can order in bulk quantities for birthday parties, kitty-parties, receptions or any occasion.

All these are worth making it one’s preferred choice for delectable chole bhature in Paharganj. If you are looking for the best chole bhature in Delhi, then Sitaram Diwanchand is your go-to place!

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