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For an ardent foodie, the delicious dishes are all they need to complete their definition of happiness. As we all know that food does not just satisfy our hunger alone. It is also an extension of our thoughts and determiner of mood. Though the choices of food and cuisine are multiplying in recent times, many of us are still gravitated to the food that defines Indian-ness in their taste, appetizing elements and presentation. Again, there can be a heated debate on which food can crowned as the best food to eat in old delhi.

But we all know that it is going to be chole bhature which will walk away with the honors. Chole bhature is a well known dish to people in and around Delhi. It is hard to find an average Delhite who would not gorge on chole bhature even once in a while. A delicious food item can surely be famous. Now the question is if they are, in any way famous enough to appeal all the generations. This is the reason why we believe that chole bhature is perhaps the only dish that has united people of all ages whilst being the best food to eat in old delhi.

If you are the unfamiliar one, we’ll tell you what chole bhature is made of. Chole bhature is a beautiful amalgamation of flavors which combines crispy fried bread with spiced chickpeas known as chole. Simple as it sounds, a plate of chole bhature packs a complex punch of flavors that will set your mouth drooling and the heart crave more. To start with, the chole bhature is boiled after intense cleaning. This is followed by seasoning and preparing the chole into mix of spices which broadens the spectrum of taste. In between, a special care is taken to keep the texture of the chole alive and simmering. Voila! You have delicious chole ready to be eaten with bhature that complement chole to the fullest.

This rockstar of a delicacy which was once confined within the national capital region as the best food to eat in old delhi has broken the barriers to become one of the most famous dishes in India; and for good. Chole bhature is a complete food in itself with not much of a regional differentiation. By and large, it packs the same essence of food as the one where we would like a bread with some veggies, lentils or pulses. Hence, what you get in chole bhature is a food which is as good as the food you have in your home. Over the years, the popularity of chole bhature has surged in places which were traditionally defensive in their taste preference.

However, chole bhature was, and is the best street food in east delhi. Since we are at it, we would also like to point out that Sitaram Diwanchand’s chole bhature has become synonymous with every chole bhature lover in Delhi. For the past four decades, we have been doling out chole bhature with the same zeal, taste standard which is filled with all our love for food and foodies alike! At a time when social media has taken over our lives, Sitaram Diwanchand’s popularity has risen even more thanks to the frequent visits of food lovers from India and beyond. As a result, we are ushered with love, enthusiasm and the sheer will of foodies to get the best chole bhature in town. Needless to say, we are proud to lead this pack of food lovers who have been thronging in to taste some authentic chole bhature.

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