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From those early morning starts that make the entire day look like a mountain to climb to the graveyard shifts that question your priorities; a hungry stomach coupled with mellowed mood can put off anyone. With so much in line, some things have got to give. There is no way a bland food can elevate your mood. You need that extra kick, that extra chutzpah to beat those depressing thoughts. If you are still wondering what that food should be for a mood buster, hang on! For we have the best food in delhi ncr at your service and for consideration. You guessed it right. It is a plate of chole bhature!

So what makes this tummy filler something beyond food? Well, we do know many people like to frame food as an emotion. It is exactly this emotional connect between the foodies and chole bhature of Sitaram Diwanchand which makes binging a different experience altogether. What started out as a journey to the unknown in the alleys and streets of purani Delhi for Sitaram Diwanchand ji has now become a phenomenon in the ecosystem of best street food in delhi.

Just like the hustler in you works day in and day out to achieve perfection, Sitaram Diwanchand ji used to give his all to serve the people with the finest chole bhature in town. Over the time, it went on to become one of the most sought after dishes which can now be served with the ease of online meal delivery.

Now coming back to satiating your hunger pangs, we can vouch for the fact that there is no substitute of chole bhature in terms of the fulfillment factor. Sample this for yourself. Would you not be tempted to try out  a fluffy, cottage filled bhature or the fried bread as a mouth-fill along with some chole or spiced chickpeas on the same bite? We assume your response is in affirmative. As you chew the bite, you sense the fusion in your mouth happening. As you masticate the super smooth bhature, the spicy chole leaves a hot after effect in your taste buds. Whether you are a shaky eater or the one who loves his spices, our chole is made with the right balance of zestiness and delight. And of course, you may choose to have a bite or two of the green chillies that are served on the side. Like we told, your eating experience is going to be most Indian in every sense of the word.

All said and done, we do know that there are some of you out there who rue over the distance you may have to cover to get a taste of our famed chole bhature. Even if you negotiate the distance, you might be too exhausted after making your way through all the hustle and bustle.

So let’s make it a spicy deal for you. We deliver at your doorstep and you get to enjoy your food whilst being at home or working in your cubicle. That is right! We have a fleet of delivery executives that are here to deliver your online meal delivery regardless of the order size. With our seamless order and payment getaways, we won’t make you wait for too long. And that is what we always commit to.

So sit tight, figure out your level of hunger, let your device do the work to register an order and we assure you to deliver the classic and delicious chole bhature right at your doorstep in a jiffy. Make no mistake, the access to delicious food has never been so easy. See you soon on our checkout page!

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