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Chole bhature fans are a tribe in their own right. Regardless of the number of times they eat tasty chole bhature in a day, their heart and mind keeps asking for more. The reason being there is no single person on the planet that is immune to best taste. The food, in many self-styled individual’s world is universally good! Therefore, the search to find best chole bhature in north delhi keeps moving on. Yet every time, the juggernaut stops at Sitaram Diwan Chand’s chole bhature.

Old Delhi and it romance for food

Many people have unanimously voted for the nukes and alleys for housing the best dishes of India. Whether it is an Indian dish which is enriched with all the flavors that pack a punch or a dish that has carved a niche, the streets of Old Delhi are well and truly the goldmine of food. Even when there is a gamut of dishes to choose from, some people would still go for a plate of tasty chole bhature. And what better place that Sitaram Diwan Chand to have chole bhature?

Chole bhature is now a dish known to one and all. The fried bread with spiced chickpeas; it may sound something ordinary. But once you dig in to the taste, we bet you will be sold out to its taste. As one of the most filling dish, chole bhature can be your meal at any time of the day or whenever you need a giant meal to end those annoying hunger pangs. Chole bhature is rich in taste and as such they can keep you full.

Where it ranks in taste and health factors

For the former, there is no debate that chole bhature has an unassailable lead in opinions because the kind of varied flavor you get in plate of chole bhature can make your mind go for a spin. Every bite that you take makes you crave more of it.

But there have been cynics who have been questioning the nutritional value of chole bhature out of sheer skepticism. For such grilling, all we can say is every food is nutritional so long as it is consumed in moderation and at the time when the hunger hits you the hardest. That is the time when your body is fueled to the max. Once you go over the line in your eating saga, every food can have serious implication to your health. This is an observation that holds its ground even for the food items that have been packaged and marketed as “healthy”. Chole bhature does have carbohydrates, but it has the goodness of fiber and protein in chole. Moreover, there have been people who need what they call “carbs loading”.  Instead of having carbohydrates enriched food that makes you toil, it is always better to pick something like tasty chole bhature to serve your purpose of fun-filled eating.

And the legacy continues

The popularity and people’s preference for Sitaram Diwanchand’s chole bhature dates back to the 80’s, the time when our journey had barely begun. Not to mention it was also the time when there was not much of an appearance in public eye with the help of social media. Starting with humble efforts, we are now placed as the quintessential spot to have the best chole bhature in Delhi. So if you are one of those who are yet to have the authentic chole bhature that gives your wait and taste buds its due, Sitaram Diwan Chand is the place to be. Happy Eating!

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