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Delhi, the national capital of India is rightly known as the epicentre of food culture. After all, there is no dearth of food items that you can resist. From the nooks and crannies of the old Delhi settlements to the posh localities wherein restaurants boast of fine dining, the list is virtually endless. Yet, if there is one dish that is stellar in taste, loved by masses and easily available, then the vote of the foodies will be cast in favour of Sitaram Diwan Chand’s chole bhature. So it is about time you too got your hands on this delicious dish strong influence of Punjabi cuisine.

But there is a catch! The summer season can be a bummer for all your outing plans. The sheer heat due to rising temperature leaves one gasping for breath and in urgent need of reprieve. Hence stepping out in the sun for tasty chole bhature may not be wise.

So how do you gorge on chole bhature?

It is simple. All you got to do is order chole bhature online from our outlet and we would more than happy to deliver! Since our delivery network is spread across the Delhi-NCR, you won’t be denied on getting a few bites of chole bhature. Many a times, the homemaker may not be in the mood to light up the stove. On some days, we are likely to get unwell too. Therefore, the facility of online order to have the no 1 chole bhature in delhi-ncr will literally save your day! Regardless of the order size, we at Sitaram Diwan Chand shall deliver your chole bhature orders at the exact location.

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How our online delivery trumps them all

We take pride to be known as the makers of Delhi’s no 1 chole bhature in delhi-ncr. And we ensure delivery of tasty chole bhature is done with utmost care and hygiene. Starting from the preparation process itself, the chole bhatures are made by using the best quality raw products and get doled out fresh every single day. There is absolutely zero room for anything stale in our kitchen. In our journey of over forty years and counting, we have always maintained the same taste as the one which a foodie has had experienced the first time they got a bite of our tasty chole bhature. Add to that we use the best-in-class delivery boxes and other packaging materials that meet all the food safety standards. If delivery charges are a determiner, we assure you of reasonability on that end.

Finally, our makers of chole bhature never back down from spreading happiness through a plate of chole bhature. Hence, it is no surprise that they work diligently all through the day to churn out chole bhature that eventually becomes your comfort food.

After all that advantages of having some tasty chole bhature at home, we bet you might be considering about giving cooking a miss. So it is time you reached to your cellphones, logged into our website and place your order to satiate your hunger and cravings!

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